PluralSight Android Location Based Apps
01.Android Location Basics/01.Introduction.mp4 1.56 MB
01.Android Location Basics/ 1.07 KB
01.Android Location Basics/02.Accessing the location system.mp4 3.43 MB
01.Android Location Basics/02.Accessing the location 2.43 KB
01.Android Location Basics/03.Location providers and security.mp4 13.32 MB
Pluralsight Android Location Based Apps 700.29 MB
03.Android Location Management and Threading/05.Demo - Updating UI from location thread.wmv 22.66 MB
03.Android Location Management and Threading/07.Demo - Background location tracking.wmv 21.42 MB
05.Human-Readable Location Information/04.Demo - Geocoder class.wmv 20.50 MB
02.Android Location Providers/06.Demo - Provider availability and influences - Part 1.wmv 19.71 MB
04.Controlling Android Location Frequency/06.Demo - Implementing location with PendingIntents.wmv 19.50 MB
Pro iOS Geo Building Apps with Location Based Services.pdf 20.63 MB
Android Programming Workshop Location Based Service TH.mp4 604.19 MB
Android Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks - Unlock the Potential of Your Phone (Issue 02, 2013).tgz 36.35 MB
Android Tips, Tricks & Apps - The Independent Guide to Master Your Android Device (Vol.8, 2014).tgz 66.41 MB
Android Tips, Tricks & Apps - Vol.8, 2014.pdf 70.32 MB 89.65 MB
04.Using Alloy/12.Creating The Style.wmv 12.79 MB
05.Advanced Concepts/20.Adding Login.wmv 9.65 MB
02.Creating a Basic UI/06.Project Overview.wmv 9.37 MB
05.Advanced Concepts/21.Testing Cloud Login.wmv 9.11 MB
400 + Android PAID APPLICATIONS (Apps).rar 195.08 MB
Learning Android, Develop Mobile Apps using Java and Eclipse.pdf.pdf 21.43 MB
Android Magazine Killer Apps - Issue 11 2012 107.90 MB
More Newly Arrived Application Here.url 181.00 B
Apps_Android_2015_Mar_29/Piktures - Photo Album Gallery v1.3.0 build 142.apk 5.02 MB
Apps_Android_2015_Mar_29/Plus Messenger v2.6.1.1.apk 10.53 MB
Apps_Android_2015_Mar_29/SD Maid Pro - System Cleaning Tool v3.1.2.6 Patched.apk 4.17 MB
Apps_Android_2015_Mar_29/OnyX for Zooper Widget Pro v2.0.apk 42.16 MB
06. Building a Mobile App from Scratch/172853_06_10_MM30_themeroller.mp4 69.27 MB
00. Intro/172853_00_02_MM30_exercise.mp4 1.73 MB
00. Intro/172853_00_03_MM30_usingchallenges.mp4 1.81 MB
00. Intro/172853_00_04_MM30_coursereq.mp4 1.50 MB
01. Exploring the Mobile App Landscape/172853_01_01_MM30_basics.mp4 5.14 MB
Android Black Market Apps [UPDATED] [v3].exe 2.80 MB
Android Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks vol. 4 (2012).pdf.pdf 104.52 MB
400 Android PAID APPLICATIONS Apps.exe 112.53 MB
Bura J. - Pro Android Web Game Apps Using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript - 2012.pdf 17.78 MB
Android Tips, Tricks & Apps - All You Need to Know About Using Android Phones (Volume 1, 2013).tgz 27.54 MB
APPS/Alarm Clock by doubleTwist v1.3.6.apk 4.48 MB
APPS/Andro12C financial calculator v1.12.apk 1.12 MB
APPS/AndroZip Pro File Manager 2.22 MB
APPS/Animated Photo Frame Widget + v4.7.4.apk 12.27 MB
APPS/Animated Widget Contact Pro v1.7.4.apk 2.49 MB
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